Bell & Ross Watches

Technical rigor in pure lines

Bell & Ross, founded in 1992, is committed to unique and functional designs, inspired by aviation and marine navigation instruments. Using high-quality materials and Swiss precision movements to create durable and reliable watches, Bell & Ross is founded on four fundamental principles: legibility, functionality, precision and reliability. Each of these aspects fulfills its function with exquisite technical rigor that is expressed in pure lines and timeless elegance. 

The brand's objective is the creation of a utilitarian watch, for which it uses specialists with complementary knowledge. This is how these professionals manage to ensure that the essential never yields to the superfluous. As there are professions that require absolute precision, Bell & Ross watches have become essential for them. These watches become a tool at the service of missions for astronauts, divers and pilots. For all this, the brand has earned a great reputation.  

Elegant navigation instruments

The design of the watches Bell & Ross is one of the most distinctive elements of the brand. The square shape of their watches evokes the shape of navigational instruments on a plane or a ship, giving them a functional and robust look. In addition, the brand uses sober colors such as black, gray and white, which increases the feeling of seriousness and durability. Many models also have a touch of orange on the hands or indices, which adds a touch of color and makes the watch easier to read.

Quality is another fundamental element of Bell & Ross watches. The use of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, titanium or gold for its manufacture not only gives it durability and resistance, but also gives it an elegant and sophisticated appearance. In addition, all Bell & Ross watches are subjected to rigorous quality controls before being placed on the market, which guarantees that each watch meets the brand's high standards.

Precise and reliable operation

Accuracy is one of the most important characteristics of any watch and Bell & Ross watches do not skimp on making sure their watches are accurate. The brand uses high-quality Swiss mechanical movements in its watches, which offer exceptional precision. Furthermore, all Watches Bell & Ross are precision tested before being placed on the market, ensuring that each timepiece operates accurately and reliably.

Models adapted to all needs

Bell & Ross offers a wide range of watch models, allowing customers to choose the model that best suits their needs. Among the most popular models are the BR 01, BR 03, BR V2 and BR 05.

The BR 01 model is one of the brand's most iconic watches. Its square design and its large size make it easily recognizable. This Bell & Ross model has a clear and legible dial, with large numbers and a date function. Furthermore, it is available in different versions, such as the BR 01-92, the BR 01-97 and the BR 01-92 Carbon. 

The BR 03 is another popular model from the brand. This watch is smaller in size than the BR 01, but still maintains the brand's distinctive square shape. 

Model wearing a Bell & Ross watch