G-SHOCK Watches

Resistance and advanced technology

CASIO's G-SHOCK watches guarantee the highest precision under extreme conditions, making them the favorite watches for active people who enjoy doing some physical activity. It is a brand synonymous with resistance, advanced technology and perfected design. Robustness, functional diversity and unique design are the hallmarks of CASIO's G-SHOCK watches. 

The Japanese company revolutionized the market when in 1983 it presented the first CASIO G-SHOCK watch, just nine years after CASIO launched the first digital display wristwatch on the market. Thus, G-SHOCK watches have been the best-known CASIO product line for 35 years.

Overcoming fine watchmaking

CASIO engineer Kikuo Ibe set himself the goal at that time of developing a wristwatch that would far exceed watches of the time. The wristwatch had to meet the requirements of the 'Triple 10' concept in order to meet the high demands of the manufacturer. These conditions are: the watch must have a 10-year battery life, withstand a 10-meter drop, and pass a 10-bar water resistance test. 

This watch should be both multifunctional and stand out for its design. The result was the DW-5000C-1A watch, the first G-SHOCK to lead the way. The extraordinary features of the innovative G-SHOCK found great success, especially among young audiences, and it didn't take long for these watches to achieve cult status. CASIO has since invested a lot of time in its development to perfect the G-SHOCK, while retaining the basic design.

The case of the classic G-SHOCK is composed of stainless steel and synthetic resin, known for its durability and flexibility. This guarantees complete protection and makes it resistant to shocks. This same flexible material, resin, is also used in the manufacture of the straps, which serves to cushion falls or blows. 

Another of the characteristics of the CASIO G-SHOCK watch is the length of the strap, which adapts to the size of the wrist, since it can be modified according to the activity carried out. In addition, the cover is made of scratch-proof mineral glass. 

From classic to analog-digital

In addition to the classic black models with a gold-tone screen and the colorful shades of bright red, orange or blue, it also offers different models with an analog-digital screen. 

These watches stand out for their complete robustness and striking design, as well as for the advanced technology found inside. Some examples are watches powered by solar energy, the reception of radio signals, the electronic crown or the SMART ACCESS technology with which you can easily access the functions of the watch.  

People who enjoy doing outdoor activities or exploring unfamiliar terrain appreciate having a built-in digital compass, altimeter, thermometer or barometer close at hand, while athletes prefer to use a stopwatch or speedometer. 

Among CASIO's G-SHOCK watches, Bluetooth technology is worth highlighting. In this category you can find a series of G-SHOCK watches that can, for example, connect with your smartphone and thus display incoming calls and emails. These watches are the ideal solution for active people, whether you are an athlete or a lover of the outdoors.