Many couples wait to give an engagement ring as a Valentine’s Day gift for the big step in their relationship. How many requests for hands on this day…! Therefore, in this article we want to give prominence to the engagement ring and explain everything you should know not only about this jewel, but also about its context. If you haven’t bought it yet, here are some recommendations because, dear reader, it’s never too late to say yes to love.

Engagement ring, the big step in a relationship

You have decided that it is the best time to take the big step in your relationship and ask your better half to marry you, but you feel that you are facing a somewhat complicated decision: you do not know what to consider when choosing the engagement ring suitable for him or her. We have good news for you because we will be happy to guide you on this wonderful and sweet path, and clarify all the doubts that are currently going through your head.

It is true that each person has their own preferences, but we will help you to choose the engagement ring with great care because for each person there is a ring that will stand out from the others. This ring must tell your story, and it will do so through the color, the size and the materials used for its design.

Keep calm. We assure you that following our recommendations you will find the right one, that engagement ring with which you will not only say “I do”, but the one you will wear with pride for the beautiful love story you are forging.

Anticipate surprises

Probably with what we are telling you, this task is starting to seem simple. You’ll be thinking that all you have to do is go out and buy the engagement ring a few days before the day of the engagement. But we do not advise you to do so, as different obstacles may arise. For example, what if the size you are looking for is not available? or what if it has to be designed in advance? We suggest that, once you have decided to surprise your partner, be cautious and do not leave it to the last minute.

Well, now it’s time to think about the style of ring that best defines your partner because certainly this jewel, in addition to telling a story, must speak of the wearer. For many people, finding the right engagement ring is quite a feat. Think about the way she dresses, how she complements her clothes, and even the way she thinks. Are you a snooty and flirtatious person or are you more modest and reserved? The ring should complement the rest of your jewelry and your style, so ask yourself these questions, which we assume will be easy for you to answer, and you’ll practically have half a decision made.

If this is not the case and you feel that confusion is taking over you… Don’t be overwhelmed, we are here to help you and make everything much easier for you. Our consultants are more than used to this type of situation and will do their best to make sure that, almost without realizing it, the engagement ring will finally come to you.

Woman's hands showing engagement ring

Engagement ring for Valentine’s Day

Is the book of tastes blank?

As we wouldn’t want you to feel overwhelmed at a time like this, we’re going to give you some hints. Although we know that there are different colors for every taste, our extensive experience in this sector tells us that the engagement ring that most people who visit us look for is the classic and simple white gold ring with a small diamond, also known as solitaire. This engagement ring seems to have had no rivals. It appeals not only to lovers of traditional jewelry, but also captivates lovers of modern and avant-garde jewelry.

Another aspect to always keep in mind is that the engagement ring is usually worn for a lifetime, on a daily basis, so its quality must be high. We advise you to choose the best quality part based on the price range you can afford. For this, in our establishment we can show you an exquisite selection and, from this, choose the ideal piece for the occasion.

Classic, modern or romantic

In addition to the traditional solitaire, there are also other pieces that, at least in our jewelry store, attract attention, either for their refined lines or for their minimalism. The semi-alliance; the white gold and diamond ring; the white gold and aquamarine ring; the white gold and diamonds ring; and the ruby solitaire ring are just some of them. As you can see, white gold is also appreciated by a wide public. This is because its appearance makes it look somewhat more modern. Oh, and we don’t want to forget the rose gold versions, for many the most romantic of engagement rings.

On the other hand, if you know that your partner likes a particular gemstone, such as sapphire, topaz or tanzanite, you could go for one of these gemstones in particular. This option can add a touch of originality to the design and you may be making the right choice. For this, we will also take into account the setting, whether it is chaton, claw or invisible, and the shape of the gemstone, whether it is round, oval or has a specific shape, such as a heart, for example.

And if you want the engagement ring to have a unique touch, to be much more expressive and personal, we can engrave the date of the engagement, your names or some other small message that will make your better half sigh with emotion. Yes, we know that engraving is more common on wedding rings, but are there limits to expressing love? We do not think so.

Valentine's Day engagement ring

White gold and diamond solitaire

Design is not at odds with sustainability

Finally, we have to tell you that when choosing the perfect design, we will also take into account responsible practices and sustainability. Therefore, we will be totally transparent in every step we take with you, because we know that people’s tastes may change over time. Thus, we will help you choose that ring or create that design you have in your mind. We guarantee that ring will never cease to be your engagement ring.

Now, yes. After giving you the main keys to put the icing on the cake on the day of your proposal, we can only wish you the best of futures with your partner and, of course, a happy Valentine’s Day.