Pink, Barbie’s favorite color, has flooded everything with its joy and optimism, and why not, its naive touch.

Since we found out that the fashionable actress Margot Robbie was to play the role of the world’s most famous plastic blonde, we have not ceased to see how the influence of Barbie style has taken over catwalks, red carpets and other areas of fashion and design.

The most famous doll created by Mattel in the 1960s has been presented in countless facets, professions and styles.

A very defined style where pink is the main protagonist.

Barbie y Ken

Actors Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, dressed as Barbie and Ken.


And while we may believe that this extreme style is far from elegant or is not for us, we invite you to check in the total looks of celebrities like Anne Hathaway or Zendaya the empowering power of pink in its most emphatic version.

And it is not only the most famous blonde, with Marilyn’s permission, who dares to style herself. The Barbie style has been seen this season on the most important catwalks in the world by geniuses such as Valentino, Dior or Jean Paul Gaultier in their proposals for 2023.

The Barbie or barbiecore style has turned fuchsia into the most popular color of the season, although the more powdery tones are also making their way to satisfy the more discreet lovers of this trend.

All this together with the already established return of the 90’s makes the wrist aesthetic more fashionable than ever. As the song “life in plastic, is fantastic!” said.

Actress Zendaya, wearing a total pink look, as well as actress Anne Hathaway.

Actresses Zendaya, left, and Anne Hathaway, right, dressed in pink.


Jewelry and watchmaking, catalyst of trends, joins this Pink movement with the creation of fun and versatile pieces demonstrating, once again, that jewelry is not exclusive to the most solemn moments.

Pink gemstones are excellent in combination with cool metals such as white gold but also stand out in rose gold offering a great versatility of possibilities to suit every skin type and style.

Earrings, pendants and rings from Gordillo Jewelry, with different gemstones such as diamonds, tourmalines or sapphires.

Different jewels with pink as the main color.


Pink sapphires and tourmalines, morganites or pink diamonds are the protagonists in the most chic jewelry pieces of the season.

Gordillo Jewelry surrenders to Barbie style and we launch these proposals that come determined to sneak into our windows and in your jewelry boxes.


Do you dare to have fun?