Eternal time on a clock
Elegance and distinction for her

It is well known that fine watchmaking watches endow an exquisite modal presence to whoever wears them, making them stand out and distinguish themselves from others in a singular way. Whether with formal or informal attire, these pieces, which at times appear to be collector's items, are the perfect whim or gift for those women who are not only interested in time as a measurement system, but also for, in a certain way, to be noticed.



Material of the box


Get it right with fine watchmaking

Whether you are looking for a classic or a more modern style watch, in our jewelry store we have a wide range of designs from the most prestigious national and international fine watchmaking brands. We are, in fact, its official distributors in Cádiz. Therefore, we will be happy to assist you and recommend the watch that best suits your needs, tastes and preferences. 

The harmony of the classic

A key piece in any jewelry, there are different aspects that must be taken into account when choosing the perfect watch for her, including style. For a woman who defends tradition, harmony and balance, the ideal watch would be the classic. With simple and sophisticated designs at the same time, these watches can have dials with satin colors, steel cases and rubber bracelets, as well as being in monochrome tones, having diamonds adorning the dial or finishing their design with fine leather straps. 

Connected to the latest trends

For women with a more current and contemporary style, with original tastes, modern watches are the ideal ones for her. With mother-of-pearl spheres, set with diamonds, steel or leather and fabric straps, silver spheres with an iridescent effect, screw-down crowns to provide a greater degree of watertightness... They are creative designs with avant-garde trends while remaining elegant. 

Digital watches are another great option for tech-savvy women. Among them, watches with touch screens, with a stopwatch, connection to smartphones via Bluetooth, and with additional features such as heart rate and distance measurement, among other additional features. 

Sport as a measure of life

If the watch you are looking for is for a sporty woman or who frequently practices some physical activity, whether or not it is high intensity, you can choose a sporty watch. These, in bright colors, hermetic and with chronometers, usually withstand extreme sports conditions and are resistant to water. In addition, they perfectly complement an informal outfit. 

Comfort and precision go hand in hand

When choosing a watch for her, the material of the case and strap must also be taken into account. For many people, steel watches are one of the best options for their durability and resistance to oxidation. The boxes can be made of various materials, such as white or pink gold. In the same way, we also have watches with leather straps in our jewelry, which are characterized by their comfort and by adding a touch of elegance to any look

The type of movement of a watch is another of the fundamental aspects that must be taken into account. On the one hand, our jewelry advisors will be able to recommend mechanical watches, which work with an internal movement and do not require batteries. These watches are powered by an internal movement and do not require batteries. On the other hand, we have quartz watches. These do need a battery for their operation and it is usually the option most used by those who need a practical watch for their daily life. 

In short, women's watches are the perfect gift and can be worn on any occasion. Also, as with our high jewelry pieces, they are timeless items that will become a family heirloom.