Watches of precision and elegance
When time becomes sublime

True works of art and authentic collector’s pieces, watches are an ideal choice as a gift for a loved one or to treat yourself. If you are looking for a gift for him, do not hesitate to visit us and see all the designs available in our jewelry store. Because we are specialists in fine watchmaking and we work with the most prestigious brands in this sector, of which we are official distributors, we will be happy to advise you in your purchase decision.



The exquisiteness of fine watchmaking

In our jewelry store we have a wide collection of watches. You will be able to find the right one, according to your tastes and preferences. For this purpose, our advisors will tell you what to consider when making your choice.
Classic style: less is more

If you are looking for a watch for a person with a classic style, you can opt for one of the most simple and elegant of our displays, including silver, blue or black dials, steel cases, Roman or Arabic numerals, leather straps and sapphire crystal. These pieces can be worn with any type of attire, both on a daily basis and on special occasions. Although it is true that they enhance the formal attire in a very special way. Because, as they say, less is more.

Stand out with elegance

On the other hand, the more modern and avant-garde watches, with more contemporary designs, tend to have a much less simple look than the previous ones. This type of model is attractive for those who like to attract attention, while adding a touch of elegance to their style. They can have a steel case and a polished steel strap, as well as an open dial and a transparent window that reveals the parts that make up the watch mechanism and its movement.

Sport does not stop time

As for sports-style watches, they are made to be worn even when you are engaged in intense physical activity. Completely watertight and high precision, with chronometers, with dials in striking and original colors, black or blue aluminum bezels, robust bracelets, buckles with extension … are some of the characteristics of this class of watches. Ideal for people who love sports.

Digital disruption in our lives

Digital clocks, which show the time with numbers, are also available. This is important for those who find it difficult to use the hands. These watches can also be sophisticated or vintage style. They also reflect exclusivity and a taste for luxury. Its aesthetics can be innovative, with a rectangular case and a special and striking illumination of its numbers.

Choosing the perfect watch

When choosing a watch, you should take into account a number of fundamental aspects, such as the size of your wrist. If it is for a gift and you do not know how to find out, our consultants will be able to guide you.

The type of movement is also essential. There are two types of mechanism for this and each of them should assess their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the style of person and the use to be made to this piece of fine watchmaking.

Haute Horlogerie watches are usually powered by mechanical gearing, which means that they do not have a battery. In this regard, you can opt for an automatic watch, which does not need to be wound, as it is charged by the movements of the wearer’s wrist, or a manual winding watch, which is wound by turning the crown regularly.

Finally, we have quartz watches, which require a battery to operate. These are usually more affordable than mechanical ones and their life depends on the wear of their components.