Dear readers, in this post we are going to show you some of our favorite designs from the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week show, one of the most exclusive shows in the world and one that we were looking forward to. But we are not going to stop here: we are also going to tell you with which jewelry you can combine these
to make them totally ideal.

Here we go!

The crazy glamour of the 1920s

As every year in this fashion show, we were once again fascinated by Christian Dior’s Haute Couture collection, which was presented during the first day of this Fashion Week. As we told you in the previous post, it was inspired by the American dancer, singer and actress Josephine Baker, the first black woman to star in a movie, a true icon of the 1920s.

One of our favorite designs from this collection is the one we will now show you, which is defined by glitz and glamour at its best. With a minimal line and neutral color, it describes through a fine and elegant fabric, which enraptures with its movement, the sophistication of the woman of the Roaring Twenties adapted to the modern and current mentality. What jewelry to complement it with? We have it clear, with one of our white gold chokers with pearls and diamonds, and a white gold and aquamarine ring.

Christian Dior model, during the Haute Couture Paris 2023 fashion show, and jewels proposed as complements to the look.

Christian Dior design, along with our proposal of jewelry to wear as a complement to the look.

Minimalist touches for an elegant feminine silhouette

He has done it again. The Chanel looks have conquered us once again. During its fashion show, we have been able to see that the French firm has reinvented the short sleeve and has given prominence to tweed in its designs. But, although we don’t want to say it too loudly, perhaps it’s the dress we’re talking about below, one of our favorites of the entire Paris Haute Couture show, that grabbed practically all of our attention.

In a subtle cream color, this short design with a minimalist touch is reminiscent of the classic jacket while elegantly defining the feminine silhouette.

With puffed sleeves, this design with shiny details not only adds beauty to the woman, but combined with the perfect accessories, it empowers her and makes her even more confident.

As for jewelry, this outfit is ideal to wear with one of our yellow and white gold rings with diamonds. And top it off with these rose gold and black rhinestone earrings. The perfect jewelry.

Chanel fashion show, during Paris Haute Couture Week 2023.

Model with Chanel design and our proposal of jewelry to complement her outfit.

Romantic and fanciful spirit

After a lengthy debate, we have decided that, from the second day of the Paris Haute Couture week fashion shows, we will choose one of the designs from the Armani Privé show. Our beloved king of fashion, Giorgio Armani, has surprised us all with a fashion show where he has paid tribute to the characters of the Commedia dell’Arte, as in the design that we are going to show you below.

Fantasy and romantic spirit merge with the mocking and dramatic figure of the harlequin. Geometric motifs, transparencies, rhinestones and textures well chosen to make the Italian theatricality of the sixteenth century the protagonist of the moment. A palette of pastel and powdered colors that contrast with the black of the night. A diamond patterned jacket and straight cut pants that elegantly elongates the silhouette. A design to combine with earrings in yellow gold with diamonds, rose quartz and topaz and a ring in rose gold and tourmaline. And with these jewels, we couldn’t like it better!

Armani Privé fashion show, during Paris Haute Couture fashion week 2023.

Model parading with a Giorgio Armani design, with our proposals of jewelry to complement the look.

Fashion goes partying!

Once again, Valentino’s creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli pushed the limits of showmanship during the runway show. His collection, called Le Club Couture, was a true explosion of creativity. Their designs are created to attract attention, to make women feel unique, exceptional and free.

This dress, which we will now show you, has fascinated us because it conveys elegance and sobriety through the color black, the color that we often end up choosing to go to a party. In addition, we love that, with the feathers she adds to adorn the design, she transports us to a world of enchantment and fantasy.

With a masculine cut, this dress is inspired by one of our favorite closet staples, the blazer. Her perfect complement is a ring that has us in love, the one in rose gold, green sapphires and diamonds. When is the next party? We want to wear it now!

Valentino fashion show, during Paris Haute Couture week 2023.

A Valentino model walks the runway at Paris Haute Couture Week 2023

Structured and dramatic silhouettes

An industrial building hosted the Alexandre Vauthier fashion show. It was clear that her fashion show was going to surprise us and it did. Oversize lines, sequins, midi dresses, long coats, short fluffy jackets in candy pink, pine green or black accompanied the models who paraded down the catwalk created in this concrete and brick environment. Amazing!

But let’s talk about the next design. Pure fashion. In pristine black, with a lot of sobriety and elegance, this suit jacket delighted not only the lucky ones who were able to attend the show in person, but also us. The maxi shoulder pads bring a structured XL silhouette to the woman, giving her an extra dose of drama to her look.

Model wearing an Alexandre Vauthier design during the Paris Haute Couture week 2023.

Our proposal of jewelry to complement this look by Alexandre Vauthier

International Andalusian inspiration

And although we have left it for the end, it is not because we liked it the least in this Paris Haute Couture fashion show. On the contrary, it is that good things come to those who wait. Our Andalusian Juana Martín returned for the second consecutive year to this international fashion show.

Your Origins collection has impressed us all. Inspired by the cliffs of Nerja and with a flamenco air, it has paid tribute with absolute mastery to our beloved Andalusia. Hats off. With designs full of ruffles, textures, volumes and polka dots, she tried to evoke the sea of the Malaga coast. And he succeeded fully.

The following dress is one of our favorites. It elegantly combines Andalusian roots through the contrast of black and white. The polka dots leave no one indifferent and the ornament in the form of leaves merging with the scenery seems to us more than ideal.

The jewelry that goes perfectly with this dress is this black diamond and ruby snake bracelet, and the ring from our Skyline Times Square collection in white gold and diamonds. They are, without a doubt, the perfect complements to complete this wonderful design by Juana Martín.

Model of Juana Martin's fashion show, during the Paris Haute Couture Week 2023.

Design by the Andalusian Juana Martín, during the Paris Haute Couture Week, together with our jewelry proposal.

So far, our particular fashion show. These were our favorite designs from the Parisian runway. What have been yours?