Choose the perfect size for the rings

Knowing the size of the rings makes the choice of a ring perfect, whether it is for a special event or to wear daily. This is an aspect that must be taken into account and that goes beyond the style and design of the ring because it can also implicitly carry a special meaning that evokes certain moments lived or a loved one who will always be in our thoughts.

Therefore, whether it is for a requested by hand, as if it is for an anniversary or a family dinner on certain dates, the ring, in addition to expressing style, personality and enhancing our beauty, must fit perfectly to the finger on which we want to wear it.

Knowing the sizes of the engagement rings is essential so that they are adjusted to the finger
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Ring Size Guide

In this article we will help you find the right size to ensure that the ring It fits you to measure and adapts perfectly to your finger. Thus you will go comfortably with him and you will prevent him from getting lost.

Likewise, the recommendations that we will comment on the size of the rings are especially useful if you are thinking of buying a ring online, since with them we will help you avoid errors when choosing the size of the ring and guarantee you, with it, a proper fit.

How to measure your ring size?

Before delving into the different sizes of the rings, it is important to know how to measure your size accurately, especially if, as we said before, you are thinking of buying it online. So here we show you some simple methods for you to find the correct size.

Use a tape measure or string: wrap a flexible tape measure around the base of the finger you wish to wear the ring on. If you don't have a tape measure, you can use a string and then measure its length with a ruler.

Measure the inner diameter of a ring that fits you well: If you already have a ring that fits the finger you want to measure, place it on a ruler and measure the inside diameter. Just be sure to measure from the inside edge of the ring to get an accurate measurement.

Consult a size chart: with the measurement obtained, consult a ring size chart to determine the corresponding size. Each country may have its own system of measurements, so it is advisable to look for a reliable conversion table. Please note that ring sizes may vary between different manufacturers. In this sense, below we show you our size chart.

Tips for choosing the right size

You must also take into account some aspects when choosing the correct ring size. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you choose the right size.

1. Be aware of size fluctuation

Fingers can vary slightly in size due to temperature, humidity, water retention, and other factors such as weight change or aging. If you are in doubt between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger one to ensure a comfortable fit in different circumstances.

2. Consider the thickness of the ring

Wider rings usually require a slightly larger size than thinner rings. Keep this in mind when measuring and choosing your size, as if you are interested in a ring with significant width, you may need to size up to ensure a comfortable fit.

3. Ask us for our tatum (ring sizer)

In our jewelry, for example, we have a tatum, which is a ring sizer. These tools are an excellent option to obtain an accurate and hassle-free measurement. So if you want to clear up your doubts quickly and you are in Cádiz, do not hesitate to visit us to help you find the size of the ring that suits your needs. Our advisors, in addition to helping you find the ring size that perfectly suits your needs, will also be able to advise you on styles, materials and designs available in our wide range of rings.

4. Ask us to adjust your size

If you have been given a ring that does not fit your finger correctly, you can consult a professional to have your size adjusted. We will be happy to adjust it if necessary. It is important to remember that some rings, such as those designed with complex stones or patterns, may have limitations in being able to be adjusted without altering their appearance. Be sure to ask us about fit options before purchasing.

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And remember, choosing the correct ring size is essential to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Please use the measurement methods described above to get an accurate measurement and consider the additional tips when selecting your size. If you need it, use our size guide and if you need to clarify any question, do not hesitate to call or visit us, because with a suitable ring size, you will be able to wear your rings with greater elegance and comfort.