From Gordillo Jewelry we want to invite to pause, because being all immersed in the maelstrom of Black Friday and its aggressive discounts, we want to allude to the conscious purchase.

Fine jewelry created from scratch

From our deep appreciation for your loyalty, we have also prepared a gift to our subscribers in the form of a unique and exclusive discount for this week. But we want to take advantage of these circumstances to offer our vision on how to create, produce and sell fine jewelry.

Design of a Gordillo High Jewelry Jewel

Sketch of the design of a jewel made under the slow jewellery concept.

We are not fast fashion, we are not mass consumption and one-season pieces. We want to be part of your history and those of your future generations. We want to create with you a jewelry box of quality pieces that speak of you, that are your essence transformed into luxury.

That is why we take very seriously the concept of Slow Jewellery, always betting on materials extracted under fair labor and environmental conditions. When we choose a gemstone, we let it sit long enough until we find the perfect design for it, regardless of dates.

We choose traditional craftsmen instead of mechanized production because we trust in the savoir faire of our workshops and we believe that the care and delicacy of goldsmiths’ hands can never be replaced by industrial production. Haute Couture brought to the world of fine jewelry

Sketch of high jewelry designs

Sketch of high jewelry designs from the Gordillo Character collection.

Gordillo Character High Jewelry Ring

Ring created after completing the entire creative process for the Gordillo Character collection.

Pieces and collections

The savoir-faire, enthusiasm and affection have characterized the Gordillo Joyeros team throughout all these years. Rooted in the roots and culture of Cádiz, we seek to break stereotypes by moving away from the traditional, but without forgetting it, offering bold, modern and timeless jewelry with which to convey the love for well-made jewelry, for gems, diamonds and precious metals.

We prefer to flow with capsule collections where it is the production itself that sets the pace rather than maintaining seasonal collections as happens in the pret a porter. Our jewelry is slow-cooked. To endure. To be part of you.

Are you joining the slow jewellery movement?