What is it about the stars that make us stare at the sky for hours? They are mysterious, hypnotic and since ancient times have helped the most adventurous to find their way in the dark.

The mystery of the stars

Talismans, hieroglyphs, astrological symbology or amulets enclose a very interesting mystery and power.

The five-pointed star is also known as pentacle, pentagram, pentalpha, among others, and within the mysteries of the Bible it is related to the Adam’s apple. It is curious to observe how when you cut an apple crosswise through the center, a 5-pointed star appears, forming the cavity of its seeds.

But among all the mythological stories that are told about the stars, today we are left with a very special one; a love story between two stars.

A Japanese legend tells that Orihime (the Weaver Princess) was the daughter of Tentei (the Heavenly King). Orihime wove splendid fabrics on the banks of the Amanogawa River (the Milky Way). Her father loved her fabrics, and she worked hard day after day to get them ready, but because of her work the princess could not meet someone to fall in love with, which saddened the princess greatly.

BeFunky Collage2 bpqvbuWorried about his daughter, her father arranged a meeting between her and Hikoboshi, a shepherd living across the Amanogawa River. When the two met they fell in love instantly and, shortly thereafter, married.

However, once Orihime was married, she began to neglect her chores and stopped weaving for her father, while Hikoboshi paid less and less attention to her livestock, which ended up scattered across the sky. Furious, the Heavenly King separated the lovers, one on each side of the Amanogawa, forbidding them to see each other.

BeFunky Collage5 eyupcb Orihime, despairing over the loss of her husband, asked her father to be able to see each other one more time. Her father, moved by her tears, agreed to let the lovers see each other on the seventh day of the seventh month, on condition that Orihime had finished her work. However, the first time they tried to see each other they found that they could not cross the river, since there was no bridge.

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Orihime cried so much that a flock of magpies came to her aid and promised to make a bridge with their wings so they could cross the river. The two lovers finally met and the magpies promised to come every year as long as it did not rain. When that circumstance occurs, the lovers have to wait to meet until the following year.

Necklace with a star pendant

Star-shaped pendant.

This myth is the explanation for a phenomenon that can be seen around that time, in which the light conditions cause the brightness of the Milky Way to dim, appearing to bridge the gap between the two stars.

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