The purity of the best precious stones

Since our origins, in 1960, Jewelry Gordillo has specialized in the design of fine jewelry, restoration and redesign of antique jewelry, keeping in mind at all times that the quality and purity of the best gems and precious stones give each piece of fine jewelry its greatest beauty.
Founded by Antonio Gordillo, who after training in the art of goldsmithing and jewelry in his native Córdoba settled in Cádiz, our company has established itself, through its savoir faire, as one of the leaders in the sector, not only in this province but also in Europe.
In charge of Jewelry Gordillo Esther is currently located Gordillo, from the second generation of the family, who by combining his most entrepreneurial version with his passion for gemology, imbues each jewel he designs with originality and avant-garde, without forgetting or leaving aside the elegance and tradition of each of the pieces.


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La joyeria Gordillo It is inspired by the modern woman


Jewelry Gordillo We prioritize high quality standards so that our clients fully place their trust in us. Because their well-being and happiness also becomes ours. That is why one of our missions is to have a wide variety of styles and designs of jewelry and accessories, where innovation stands out, both in fine jewelry and fine watchmaking pieces.
We strive every day to train and develop to the maximum in our sector, with the aim of updating ourselves and being aware of the latest trends both in designs and in the techniques and technologies used for their creations.
Jewelry Values Gordillo They are based on a true commitment to social responsibility and respect for sustainability and the environment. We are strong defenders of the call Slow jewelery, guaranteeing decent working conditions and respect for the environment. For this reason, we make sure that the brands available in our jewelry carry out a sustainable creative development, where ethics prevail in the process of extracting their gems and raw materials.



Our high jewelry designs and creations reflect our passion for good work. Our own collections are unique, full of personality, style, brightness and colour. Created to be different. We have unique designs, personality. Because for us no two jewels or two precious stones are the same. This is how we endow each and every one of the gems we select with character and personality, whether they are diamonds, emeralds, sapphires or topaz. We love to bring a fresh and contemporary style to the pieces thanks to the design and the combination of original and innovative shapes, with the noble sizes, colors and materials, be it the classic yellow gold, the modern white gold or the romantic rose gold.

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Jewelery with a long tradition


We are absolutely proud of our master craftsmen and designers, who put all their effort throughout the entire creative process, inspired, from the moment the idea arises, in the essence of our land. In this way, the jewels become a legacy, for life.
At the same time, Jewelry Gordillo, has a modern watchmaking workshop where we complete and fine-tune the watches and solve any problem that may arise regarding this type of part. In addition, in this space, there is a polishing room for cases and bracelets, whether made of gold or steel.


High jewelry is the epitome of elegance and luxury, seamlessly fusing the beauty of precious metals with exquisite craftsmanship and dazzling diamonds. In the world of fashion and style, high jewelry shines with its own light, giving a touch of distinction to those who wear it. Each piece of high jewelry is a unique masterpiece, meticulously designed to enhance the beauty and highlight the personality of the wearer. From dazzling rings and bracelets to sparkling dazzling necklaces and exquisite earrings, every detail is carefully crafted to convey a sense of exclusivity and sophistication. High jewelry transcends time and trends, becoming a timeless legacy that can be transmitted from generation to generation. These exceptional pieces not only adorn the body, but also capture special moments and emotions, becoming priceless treasures and symbols of love, success, and achievement. The master jewelers behind high jewelery have skills and knowledge passed down from generation to generation, using traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology to create authentic works of art. Each gem is carefully selected, each setting is perfect and every detail is impeccable, guaranteeing exceptional quality and stunning aesthetics. By choosing fine jewelry, you are investing in excellence and exclusivity. Each piece becomes a symbol of status and distinction, reflecting the refinement and good taste of the wearer. Whether for a special occasion, a memorable gift, or simply to indulge yourself, high jewelry offers unparalleled allure and a sense of empowerment. In short, high jewelry is the culmination of art, luxury, and beauty. Through her unique and extraordinary pieces, she evokes emotions, enriches experiences, and creates a lasting legacy. Discover the fascinating world of high jewelry and experience the magnificence that only these words can describe: high jewelry, high jewelry, high jewelry… High Jewelry is synonymous with elegance, luxury and exclusivity. Each High Jewelry piece is a meticulously crafted masterpiece, combining the exquisiteness of precious metals with the dazzling beauty of gemstones. In the world of fashion and style, High Jewelry stands out as a supreme symbol of distinction and refinement. High Jewelery embodies impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each jewel is created by skilled artisans who master the most refined techniques. The result is unique and extraordinary pieces that enhance natural beauty and capture the imagination. High Jewelery jewels are defined as precious treasures, destined to be appreciated and admired over time. Each High Jewelery creation is an expression of individuality and style. Expert designers bring your vision to life, creating pieces that become personalized extensions of the wearer's personality. High Jewelry rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are much more than accessories; they are symbols of status and elegance, making a bold and overt statement. High Jewelery jewels are purchased by those who seek the best of the best. These exclusive pieces are highly coveted and will prove to be true investments. Its value transcends time and is maintained throughout the generations, transmitting a legacy of beauty and wealth. At special events and important occasions, High Jewelery shines in all its splendor. The sparkles of gemstones and the shine of precious metals attract all eyes. Each High Jewelery jewel tells a unique story and evokes intense emotions. It is a symbol of celebration, love and success. In summary, High Jewelry is the maximum expression of luxury and sophistication. Each jewel bears the mark of craftsmanship excellence and the dazzling radiance of precious gems. If you want to experience the charm and majesty of High Jewelry, immerse yourself in this fascinating universe and discover the true essence of beauty: High Jewelry, High Jewelry, High Jewelry... High jewelry is a sublime art that combines craftsmanship with beauty and elegance. Each piece is a unique and exceptional masterpiece that embodies excellence in design and quality of materials. High jewelry artisans are true masters of their craft. With skill and dedication, they bring designers' dreams and visions to life, creating pieces that dazzle with their beauty and perfection. The materials used in high jewelry are of the highest quality. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, among other precious gemstones, are carefully selected for their exceptional purity, color, and brilliance. These gems are meticulously set in elaborate settings, which enhance their beauty and protect them at the same time. Each piece of high jewelry tells a story. From engagement rings that symbolize eternal love, to necklaces that elegantly adorn a woman's neck, these jewels convey emotions and express the personality of the wearer. High jewelry designs are timeless and sophisticated. Every detail is carefully considered, from the choice of gemstones to the shape and style of the piece. Exquisite patterns, flowing shapes, and graceful lines combine to create pieces that are true works of art. In addition to its aesthetic beauty, high jewelry is also a worthwhile investment.

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