Jewelry for modern and current women

Meraki by Gordillo It is designed for modern and current women. The collection consists of rings, bracelets and pendants with a more daring and casual air.

Meraki by Gordillo It is the youngest of our collections. It is designed for modern, current and daring women. This jewelry collection Meraki by Gordillo It consists of rings, bracelets and pendants that focus on a younger audience. With a more daring and modern look, their jewelry combines with more casual looks without ceasing to be jewelry.

The design of Meraki It stands out for its minimalist lines. Her pieces are exclusive and have been carefully selected and designed for an independent and stylish woman. The pieces of it can be carried to diario, as well as be combined with others, to make the style more personal on any occasion.

Jewelry Meraki they are light and comfortable. For those women who seek to complete their outfit with special pieces that make them stand out, as our master craftsmen have taken care of every detail and every design.

The collection gives prominence to diamonds, rose gold, yellow gold and 18-carat white gold, and each of the jewels is made with great care, with the highest quality materials. The treatment with the materials is meticulous in order to shape the most special jewels. Always inspired to be the perfect complement for unique moments.

Model with ring and earrings Meraki

rings and earrings Meraki

Cocktail glass with 18-carat rose gold rings
Champange glass held by a hand with a ring meraki
Hand with collection rings and bracelets Meraki

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