Pasarela Flamenca Tío Pepe Jerez, we have been waiting for you.

Pasarela flamenca Jerez

Here comes another of our unmissable events in the flamenco calendar: the Pasarela Flamenca Tío Pepe Jerez 2023, a tribute to Lola Flores. Here we are going to reveal which are the most outstanding trends and novelties in designs, colors, shapes and accessories that have been seen in this sixteenth edition. Are you ready? Here we go.

Let the fairs and pilgrimages begin!

In the four days that this showcase of flamenco fashion par excellence lasts, we have realized that we are looking forward to the fair and the pilgrimages! It was to be expected, yes. And the unique enclave of González Byass, the tasting of the excellent wines from its cellar, the good atmosphere, the music and the participation of more than 40 designers, including firms, established creators and new artists, could not make us feel any other way.

Although at the presentation parade of this nationally consolidated event, held at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian ArtWe could sense what would be the official catwalk days later, we have been very surprised and for good. The different chromatic ranges, the classic polka dots, the fabrics and their embroideries… Without a doubt, all the collections are beautiful. From here our congratulations to its creators.

Amparo Maciá, Ángeles Verano, La Giraldilla, Flamenca Delia Pol Núñez, Ernesto Sillero, Pilar Villar, Isabel Vázquez, Rocío Lama, Rocío Martín Degitana, Teressa Ninú Atelier, Nuria Chaparro, Rocío Segovia, Flor de Cerezo and Alejandro Andana, among many others, have not only enraptured us and will enrapture us with their designs, but also the more than 14.000 visitors, which, according to the organization, will meet at the exhibition until next Sunday. Like us, they did not want to miss any detail of what we will see from April in the various fairgrounds of our beloved land, Andalusia.

Amparo Maciá, Alba Carrillo and… Jewelry Gordillo!

Although we were delighted to enjoy the parades as mere spectators, we didn’t want to be satisfied with just that, no. So we collaborated in the fashion show of Amparo Maciá’s collection, Va por ti Lola, which, as is well known, was attended by the model Alba Carrillo. Both the designer and the model complemented their outfits with high jewelry from Gordillo Jewelry, and how could it be otherwise … they looked great!

As we said above, the creator from Jerez wanted to pay tribute to Lola Flores on the occasion of her centenary of birth and, for this, she designed a collection that fascinated us for being innovative and in line with current fashion. After seeing the models in the collection, it is clear that her dresses could be worn on any occasion, and not only at fairs and pilgrimages.

Maciá commented that for her Lola Flores was movement, an idea that she masterfully fused with the creation of elegant, feminine and daring dresses, while remaining faithful to her way of designing and to her essence. We attest to this.

All in red to wear flamenco dresses

The designer exhibited an elegant and, in our opinion, passionate collection in red, one of the most flamenco colors we think can exist. Composed of eight dresses inspired by the honoree, they were modern designs, evasé style, natural silks, with openings, bangs, ruffles, skirts with many layers to provide comfort when walking, very tight waists, organdy fabrics… Designs made to give volume and, at the same time, highlight the feminine silhouette in a more than flattering way.

And finally, our most awaited moment of the Pasarela Flamenca Tío Pepe Jerez arrived, the opening of Amparo Maciá’s fashion show. It was starred by the model Alba Carrillo, who wore a dress that we could not like more. Although it did not look like it, it was a one-piece suit. A beautiful design. The red skirt, with five ruffles at the bottom to give cadence and movement, and the black bodice with classic white polka dots. On the sleeves, small red ruffles. Details in the purest Amparo Maciá style.

This spectacular outfit was perfectly complemented by one of our favorite pieces of jewelry: the Clarice earrings in white and yellow gold, with a combination of diamonds and fancy diamonds.

Pasarela Flamenca Jerez 2023, with Alba Carrillo parading on the catwalk

The model Alba Carrillo parading on the Pasarela Flamenca Jerez 2023

The model also closed Amparo Maciá’s fashion show, who by the way, for her black outfit with white polka dots, chose another of our jewelry pieces: the earrings of our Lempicka The Middle collectionin rose gold, mother-of-pearl and aventurine quartz, the ring from the Skyline Metropolitan collection in rose gold and diamonds, and the Skyline Chrysler bracelet in rose gold and diamonds. A great success.

Amparo Macia at Pasarela Flamenca Tío Pepe Jerez 2023

The designer Amparo Macia, in the Pasarela Flamenca Tío Pepe Jerez 2023

The closing of the parade left no one indifferent. Alba Carrillo paraded and posed with delicacy, elegance and sophistication with one of the dresses that we liked the most. A red suit, with bangs, daring, that brought a lot of movement and sensuality to the female figure. And here, again, one of our favorite jewels to go resplendent: the Corallium long earrings, in white gold, diamonds and diamonds. Olé! A great success.

The model Alba Carrillo at the Pasarela Flamenca in Jerez

The model Alba Carrillo, parading in the Pasarela Flamenca Tío Pepe Jerez 2023, with a dress by Amparo Macia.

Undoubtedly, an exceptional fashion show that has left us wanting more. Dresses that are not only to be worn occasionally, but to be enjoyed with our friends and family at the fair or at the pilgrimages. Are you in the mood for albero? Definitely, we do.



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