Shipping policy

Delivery method and terms

The delivery time will not exceed 15 business days, with the usual delivery time being less than 48-72 hours for shipments within the national territory from Monday to Friday. The delay of the order will entitle the customer to cancel the order with a refund of the amounts paid, but in no case will it imply any compensation. If after five business days from the Order Confirmation the customer has not agreed on a delivery date with the transport company, the customer must contact Joyería Gordillo. Otherwise, the transport company will return the shipment to its origin and it will be the customer who must assume the management costs associated with shipping and return.

Geographic scope

Jewelry products, classified in the Jewelry category, are geographically distributed throughout the peninsular territory. The distribution of watch products, classified in the Watches category, is carried out geographically in the peninsular territory, except for brand watches ROLEX, which can only be purchased at the physical headquarters at Calle San Francisco, 33, Cádiz. Shipping is free throughout Spain. To the rest of Europe for orders over €200. For shipments outside the peninsular territory, special conditions will apply. For example, it should be taken into account that shipments to the Canary Islands are subject to payment of import duties and taxes, as well as local customs. For more information about this type of shipments you can request it through the email In the event that we cannot guarantee the safe shipment of products, we reserve the right to restrict the geographical scope of distribution.

Picked up at the store

Store delivery: Remember that you can pick up your order at our store FREE. If the customer wishes, they can pick up their order at the Jewelry Store. Gordillo C. San Francisco 33, Cádiz – Telephone: 956 28 12 40 To access the store collection service, the customer must indicate it in the purchase process and must adhere to the delivery times indicated by email and the schedules. of commercial opening. The customer must go to the point of sale when formalizing the order and identify themselves with their valid original ID or passport and show proof of purchase. If the customer wants the products to be removed by a third party, they must notify them by email along with a signed authorization containing the complete data of the customer and the person they wish to authorize (name, surname, ID number or passport).

Diligence in delivery

The client undertakes to check the good condition of the shipment at the time of delivery to the carrier and must reflect on the delivery note any anomaly detected (broken security labels, external shocks, humidity...) and may reject the shipment. Delivery. The client must inform Jewelry Gordillo any incident in delivery via email It will be understood that the delivery has occurred or that the order has been delivered at the moment in which the user (or a third party on his behalf) acquires material possession of the product, which will be accredited by signing the receipt of the order in the agreed delivery address, if in-store collection has not been chosen.


The delivery times notified to customers are approximate and do not represent a contractual obligation, since various unforeseen events may arise during transport or receipt of the merchandise by the recipient. Shipments to the Canary Islands do not include VAT. The amount corresponding to the IGIC and DUA will be paid by the client upon receipt of the merchandise. Shipments to Ceuta and Melilla do not include VAT. The amount corresponding to the IPSI will be paid by the client upon receipt of the merchandise. Shipments to Continental Portugal and the Madeira and Azores islands are subject to pricing, previously notified to the user. In turn, placing orders from those must be formalized by email.


The shipping costs notified to the customer in case of purchasing any of the boats through the website are not the real ones. The actual transportation costs have to be calculated manually by the Accounting Department. The availability indicated on our products is merely informative and never implies a delivery date commitment between the seller and the customer. This information may be affected by specific situations caused by companies related but unrelated to ours (stockouts from manufacturers/wholesalers, incidents in deliveries by express transport companies, etc...). The customer will have 24 hours to check the integrity of all components of the order and verify that everything that should be included in the included products is included. After these 24 hours, the shipment will be considered accepted and no claims for damage or flaws in the shipment will be accepted. An order will be considered delivered when the customer signs the delivery note. It is within 24 hours that the customer must check the products after receiving them and raise any objections that may exist.

Typographical and Pricing Errors Policy

Jewelry Gordillo, we strive to provide our customers with a transparent and fair shopping experience. However, we understand that sometimes typographical or pricing errors may occur. In order to maintain the integrity of our transactions and ensure a relationship of trust with our customers, we have implemented the following policy related to these errors:
  1. Error correction: In the event that a typographical or pricing error is detected in a product or service purchased on our platform, we reserve the right to correct said error. This may include updating product information, changing prices, or other necessary adjustments.
  2. Order Cancellation: If it is confirmed that there has been a significant error in pricing or product information during the purchasing process, we reserve the right to cancel the order. In such case, we undertake to notify the customer immediately and offer the option to make a new purchase with the corrected information.
  3. Transparent Communication: In any situation where a typographical or pricing error has been detected, we are committed to communicating transparently and quickly with our customers. We will provide a clear explanation of the nature of the error and how it will be addressed, ensuring customer understanding and satisfaction to the extent possible.
  4. Timely Refund: In the event that an order is canceled due to a typographical or pricing error, we are committed to processing any applicable refund in a timely manner. We will do our best to ensure that the customer receives their payment back quickly and efficiently.
This policy's main objective is to ensure fairness and transparency in all our transactions. We appreciate the understanding of our customers in exceptional situations and reiterate our commitment to offering quality service and a positive shopping experience in Jewelry. Gordillo.