With the most exclusive fashion shows, we have welcomed 2023. This Haute Couture event, held twice a year in Paris, is presented just before each season. Why? Because their proposals do not require long production lead times, unlike the

In this post we will talk about those collections that have caught our attention. In the same way, we will comment some curiosities that we consider that you have to know about this great fashion event in which some thirty houses show their most exceptional creations. In our opinion, this is a formidable display of craftsmanship that, in addition, why not admit it, contributes to the international reputation of each of the firms.

For four days in Paris, haute couture meets to delight us with the new collections of the best designers. Each piece is unique and in them we discover the key trends that will be adopted in the upcoming spring-summer 2023 season. An event that we love and which is attended by the most popular faces in the world of show business, social media, arts and culture. Among others, Chiara Ferragni, Kylie Jenner, Diane Kruger, Rossy de Palma and Carla Bruni. Who wouldn’t like to be surrounded by so many stars?

Vibra, Ville Lumière, it’s the Haute Couture fashion show

Considered by many to be the most beautiful city in the world and which, at the beginning of the 19th century, received the nickname of City of Light (Ville Lumière), has vibrated to the rhythm of elegance, daring and energy with designs as spectacular as those of Schiaparelli, which, to everyone’s surprise, has dressed its models in synthetic garments finished with lion, tiger or black panther heads.

But it wasn’t just Schiaparelli who once again blew everyone away. Christian Dior, Rahul Mishra, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Elie Saab or George Hobeika are some of the many others who have dazzled us with their designs. In our jewelry store, for example, we do not stop talking about Chanel garments, whose undisputed protagonist has been the dress, with rounded neckline, halter neck, with transparencies, minimalist touches … and subtle colors, ranging from black to cream.

By the way, something that we have not overlooked is that the French firm, in addition to reinventing the short sleeve, has opted for embedding some crystals corgi on the chest of tweed suits, as well as embroidering small animals on cuffs or jackets. Yes, you are thinking the same as us, this Haute Couture appointment seems to have made a real apology to the animal world.

Haute Couture fashion shows in Paris 2023

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Shows in 2023

Fashion shows and fashions paying tribute

We also want to talk about another of our favorite collections at this event, Dior, a firm that this time, surprise, did not give prominence to the waist, but to the shoulders. The brand opted for a fashion show inspired by the American dancer, singer and actress Josephine Baker, the first black woman to star in a film, a true icon of the 1920s, as well as other great African-American pioneers.

What better way to pay tribute to these women who were a milestone in history, who broke a multitude of barriers in our society? For this, Dior focused its runway show on the Roaring Twenties, an era we love, by the way. We could see fringed dresses, golden sparkles and geometric motifs, as well as draping and pleating. A style that, possibly like you, has left us spellbound.

And what about Giorgio Armani. His collection is a true marvel. With colorful rhombus pieces and a wide range of fabrics in long skirts, flowing pants or dresses, he wanted to evoke the Italian theater of the sixteenth century and the typical male character of the commedia dell’arte that focused the attention of that show, the mocking harlequin.

Another detail we don’t want to overlook from this Haute Couture week in Paris, do you like the shoulder pads? The maxi dresses have been another of the main protagonists of this event. This time by Alexandre Vauthier, who offered a parade of structured XL silhouettes with lots of drama and sequins.

Special mention with Spanish flair in the fashion shows

We don’t want to finish this post without talking about our most international Spaniard in this Haute Couture fashion show: Juana Martín, who once again made history. We are very happy and we take our hats off to this designer from Cordoba, in whom we have had our eye on for some time.

This time, the creator has returned to this catwalk with her collection O
inspired by the cliffs of Nerja and with a somewhat flamenco air. In addition, it has had a very special collaboration, that of Christian Laboutin. In an interview in the magazine
, Juana Martín revealed that it was Laboutin who sought her out, since, she said, the designer loved her creations.

Juana Martín showed her roots with a work brimming with creativity, full of ruffles, polka dots and blue tones that evoked the sea off the coast of Málaga, where the designer spent her summers. So how can we not be proud of this Andalusian? In addition to parading officially, for the second consecutive year in this global fashion showcase, has already joined his name to other designers of our country as Josep Font, Paco Rabanne and Balenciaga. Bravo!

Haute Couture fashion shows held in Paris this year 2023

Models wearing various designs, during the Paris Haute Couture 2023 fashion shows.

And with what complements?

Now you just have to choose the model you like the most among all that has been presented in the Paris Haute Couture week and combine it with the most suitable accessories and jewelry. To make it easier for you, below we show you some of the designs that we have liked the most, as well as a selection of jewelry with which to combine them, but not before giving you some more clues.

This spring the color and jewelry with enamel are stomping. We advise you to go for pastel shades, for example, pale pink. Also for pieces that provide large movements, with large links. In addition, wearing many small earrings or climbing earrings are other trends. The point is to feel comfortable and flattering, so you will enjoy every moment better.