The metal, the lights, the straight and cold lines of the buildings that emerge from the world’s busiest roads…

Thus Skyline was born, urban, transgressive and forceful.

The new collection created in Gordillo Jewelry combines noble metals with diamonds among subtle touches of color in a different, avant-garde and unusual design.

A collection composed of ten pieces designed exclusively by Gordillo Jewelry and produced in our local workshops in an artisanal way.

A fusion of craftsmanship and design that breaks all the stereotypes of classic jewelry, taking its inspiration directly from interior design and modern architecture.

Dubai, New York, Madrid … Skyline reflects the urban splendor of the most cosmopolitan cities.

Come and discover the complete collection in our store or visit us on our website.

Rose gold and diamond ring from the Skyline collection

Skyline ring, made in rose gold with white diamonds and brown diamonds.

Ring from the Skyline collection, made in white gold, white and black diamonds.

Rockefeller ring, made in white gold, with diamonds and sapphires.


Bracelets from the Skyline collection, made of rose gold and diamonds.

Bracelets,8 made in rose gold and diamonds.