Haute Horlogerie
State-of-the-art quality and precision

Haute Horlogerie watches are unique pieces, designed and created with great thoroughness and attention to detail. Our jewelry has a wide range of the most prestigious watch brands, including Rolex

, Tudor

, Omega, Longines

, Hamilton, Certina, Tissot, Bell & Ross, Cuervo & Sobrino, G-Schock, Baume & Mercie,

Montblanc of which we are official distributors. These firms, which stand out for harmonizing elegance, beauty, quality and precision in their designs, manufacture their watches using state-of-the-art technology and materials of the highest quality.
Each piece of fine watchmaking involves meticulous and meticulous workmanship. From the design of the case to the selection of materials, the parts of these watches are assembled and adjusted by teams of experts and highly trained professionals who achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.



Authentic collector’s items

Famous for their precision, Haute Horlogerie watches are synonymous with elegance and style. True works of art. If you are looking for a watch that will last a lifetime, fine watches are the right ones, as their durability makes them an excellent investment in quality. So much so that for many people these watches, limited and unique, are true collector’s items.
In addition to the aesthetic value, these watches emanate in their designs the creativity and art of their creators, from the hands, through the shape of the dial, the case or the crystal.
Considered symbols of prestige and exclusivity, these pieces of fine watchmaking range from a wide variety of models and styles, from the most classic and traditional, with Roman numerals and date indicator, to the most modern and avant-garde, with innovative precision timing techniques or the irradiation of brightness in their numbers so that they can be seen in the dark.
Variety of styles for any occasion
Haute Horlogerie watches are a mechanical work of art, pure demonstration of human ingenuity throughout history. So if you like to complement your attire through precision, art and craftsmanship, this type of piece is the perfect one.
These watches can be worn on any occasion, both on a daily basis and at special events, and many of them are sporty in style. So if you are also an active person and like to practice all kinds of sports, such as diving or motorcycling, in our jewelry store you will find the perfect watch to wear during these practices, as already do some of the best athletes of our time.

Elements that give life to watches

The movement of the watches is the heart of the device, composed of a complex series of gears and mechanisms that ensure precision, precision and reliability of time. Each movement is assembled and adjusted by hand by highly skilled watchmakers, making each of these watches unique and special.
The design of the watches brings attractiveness and value; The cases can be made of precious metals such as gold or platinum, often decorated with diamonds and other precious stones, and the crystal protects the watch face, which can be made of sapphire, a very scratch-resistant and durable material.

Choose the perfect watch with us

In our jewelry store you can choose from a wide range of models of high jewelry watches, with dials of different colors, where in addition to displaying the time, some also include additional functions, such as stopwatch or date indicators. Similarly, some watches have complex elements such as perpetual calendars or moon phases.
Our team of advisors will help you find the perfect watch, taking into account your personal taste and style at all times. Do not hesitate to visit us to resolve any questions you may have. We will be pleased to assist you.