Welcome to the Watchmaking Workshop Par Excellence! In our Watch Workshop, we are passionate about every tick, every gear and every delicate piece that makes up your watches. We are experts in the art of precision, dedicated to keeping track of the time of your most precious possessions. In our Watch Workshop, you will find an oasis of artisanal mastery, where each watch receives the care and attention it deserves. From the simplest to the most complex mechanism, we are here to restore its original splendor and restore its vitality. At the Taller de Relojería, our skilled hands and trained eyes immerse themselves in the fascinating world of watchmaking, offering repair, maintenance and restoration services that exceed the most demanding expectations. At Taller de Relojería, commitment to quality is our hallmark. Every watch that passes through our hands is treated with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring that it works with precision and reliability. At Taller de Relojería, we understand that each watch has its own history and its own sentimental value. That's why we strive to preserve its authenticity and beauty, ensuring that every repair or service performed respects its unique essence. At the Taller de Relojería, the passion for watchmaking drives every movement we make. Whether you need a simple cleaning, a precision tune-up, or a complete repair, you can trust us to bring your watch back to life and keep it running for generations. At Taller de Relojería, excellence is our goal and customer satisfaction is our greatest reward. We are proud to be your trusted destination for all your watchmaking needs, where quality and care go hand in hand every step of the way.

Much of the fascination generated by a mechanical watch lies in the complex movement it houses inside. Proper and regular maintenance is necessary to maintain its functions and accuracy for many years. Our watch technical service has the necessary training and qualifications to accompany your watch throughout its life.


Our clients are very important to us Gordillo. And our after-sales service, too. Since 1960, we have been offering a wide range of internationally renowned watch brands, which have certified and approved us to independently carry out service and repair work in
your watches, a testament to our many years of experience and knowledge.


The certified watchmakers in our service center receive regular training and work with the equipment that the brands supply us. They passionately repair and service the watches entrusted to them, just like watch enthusiasts and manufacturers.


After a complete review, Gordillo offers a two-year service guarantee on all repairs. Likewise, for partial repairs, we also offer 2 years on the parts.

We recommend that you stop by our store with your watch every two years, to perform a maintenance service. And every five years, completely inspect your watch. Our technical services also include other additional services to guarantee the correct functioning of your watch.


    If the second hand on your quartz watch moves every four seconds or the watch has stopped completely, it is time to replace the battery. Our experts open the box with specific tools so that it does not suffer any damage. During a battery change, the consumption of the movement is measured to check its operation within its parameters. As an option, we offer a watertightness testing service and an external ultrasonic cleaning of the case and bracelet.



    If your watch has a gear that is out of tolerance, our watchmakers will be able to adjust the gear of your watch, perform a load test if it is automatic, and verify the power reserve.

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    Every four to six years, you should completely service your mechanical watch. The mechanism will be completely disassembled, the parts that suffer from wear will be replaced, all the gaskets of the watch will be replaced and finally we will offer, optionally, a case and bracelet polishing service.

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