Gordillo Jewelry, emblem and history
The purity of the best gemstones

Since our origins in 1960, Gordillo Jewelry has specialized in jewelry design, restoration and redesign of antique jewelry, keeping in mind at all times that the quality and purity of the best gems and precious stones give each piece of fine jewelry its greatest beauty.
Founded by Antonio Gordillo, who after being trained in his native Cordoba in the art of goldsmithing and jewelry, settled in Cadiz, our company has established itself, through its savoir faire, as one of the leaders in the sector, not only in this province but also in Europe.
At the helm of Gordillo Jewelry is currently Esther Gordillo, the second generation of the family, who by combining her entrepreneurial spirit with her passion for gemology, imbues each piece of jewelry she designs with originality and avant-garde, without forgetting or neglecting the elegance and tradition of each of the pieces.

Innovation and international trends

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Gordillo jewelry is inspired by the modern woman.


In Gordillo Jewelry we prioritize high quality standards so that our customers fully place their trust in us. Because their well-being and happiness also becomes ours. That is why one of our missions is to have a wide variety of styles and designs of jewelry and accessories, where innovation stands out, both in the pieces of fine jewelry and fine watchmaking.
We strive every day to train and develop as much as possible in our sector, in order to keep up to date and keep abreast of the latest trends both in designs and in the techniques and technologies used for their creations.
The values of Gordillo Jewelry are based on a true commitment to social responsibility and respect for sustainability and the environment. We are strong advocates of the so-called Slow jewellery, guaranteeing decent working conditions and respect for the environment. Therefore, we make sure that the brands available in our jewelry store carry out a sustainable creative development, where ethics prevails in the extraction process of their gems and raw materials.



Our designs and creations reflect our passion for good workmanship. Our own collections are unique, full of personality, style, brightness and color. Created to be different. We have unique designs, with personality. Because for us, no two jewels and no two precious stones are alike. This is how we give character and personality to each and every one of the gems we select, whether they are diamonds, emeralds, sapphires or topaz. We love to bring a fresh and contemporary style to the pieces thanks to the design and the combination of original and new shapes, with the carvings, colors and noble materials, whether classic yellow gold, modern white gold or romantic rose gold.

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Jewelry with a long tradition


We are absolutely proud of our master craftsmen and designers, who put all their efforts throughout the creative process, inspired by the essence of our land from the very beginning of the idea. In this way, jewelry becomes a legacy, for life.
In turn, Gordillo Jewelry has a modern watchmaking workshop where we complete and tune the watches and solve any problems that may arise in this type of pieces. In addition, in this space, there is a polishing room for cases and bracelets, whether gold or steel.


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